Wrapped Boxes
How do I place an order?

​Simply 'click' on the Shop menu above, choose your specified category and your desired package then follow the prompts.​
Alternatively 'click' on the More menu and follow the Contact Us link and send our staff a request form Or you can simply send an email Or call us.
Delivery Dates and Collection Dates:
We allow our customers to propose a delivery date with any purchase. Once the order has been processed we will then notify you via email confirming your allocated delivery date.  Allocating delivery dates are location dependent therefore on the rare occasion where we cannot meet the proposed delivery date, we will ensure we are as close as possible to the proposed delivery date which is usually within 24-48 hours.
Our collection process begins in the first week of January and is also location dependent. Once we have finalised our orders you will receive a email with an allocated collection date. We encourage all of our domestic deliveries to leave the tree and stand somewhere safe and accessible for our collection staff to retrieve. The collection process for our commercial clients, hotels, Christmas events and offices are the same BUT we are flexible with any specific requirements; for example: For our events there are usually "bump" in and "bump" out times. For our offices we will work with out of office times and make sure we can collect at a convenient time. 
We accept most credit cards via the online Shopping link, we also accept direct debit bank transfer (request our details via the More-->contact us link) and C.O.D.
Once we receive payment we shall send you a receipt with a confirmation date of delivery. It is important that you supply our team with contact information so that one of our friendly staff can organize a delivery date.  
Hire Service
Our service is a "Hire" service meaning that all stock which has been supplied must be returned upon removal. Any unaccounted for stock such as decorations, lights, stands or garland will incur a replacement fee.
Delivery Fee
Any delivery destinations which are more than 15km outside the Melbourne CBD will incur a delivery fee. To inquire about the amount please follow the More--->Contact Us link. You will be notified via email or phone.